Re: getting behind Bravo dashboard

Not really but goe carefully. If you have airbags then you MUST disconnect that battery and let the car rest for 15 to 20 mins. You should really
discon the battery anyway but with airbags it is a MUST!
The reason for this is that the airbag ECU is aways powered. The bags WONT go off but if you then start dieconnecting the cables to the instrument panel to remove or get better access to the bulb in question then the airbag ECU will dectect a missing airbag warning light and log a fault and leave the airbag light on when you connect everything else back up. The dealer is really obliged, because this is a safety system, to do a full airbag diagnostic sequence check and this can take up to 45 mins to do. Gets expensive!
The 15 to 20 min standing time is to allow the ECU to fully self discharge, otherwise there may be enough residual energy left by the time you start pulling the cables.
I made this mistake on our Coupe. I rummaged around the dash working out how to remove it. Took most of the screws out (possibly all I can't remember, was a few years ago now). Disconnectted the battery and had the panel out 5 mins later. Not enough time for the airbag ECU to discharge. Then had and 80 min round trip to the dealer plus their time to get the ECU reset and enabled again.
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