Code 43 EEC-IV Continuous memory

I have a 1990 tbird with the 3.8 non supercharged engine, it has been randomly stalling when I stop at lights or start to accelerate, when it
stalls it restarts but you have to wait up to 4 min. It also has been running rough, also that is random at times. I pulled the codes and the only one that showed up was a continuous memory code 43 "was lean at WOT for moe than 3 seconds-Fuel control. ok I understand the words, but where do i start? I checked all of the vacuum hoses and they are all fine, tune up has been done last spring...filters plugs wires cap rotor...etc...does anyone else have any informed guesses? I thought O2 was changed 2 years ago when I replaced the head gaskets. Anyway that is the only code that keeps popping up after i clear them.
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