E4OD Problems!

Thanks in advance to any who respond and yes I did a search on google but couldn't find anything that pertains to my particular
The particulars: '90 Bronco, 5.8L 176,000 miles, transmission was replaced and engine rebuilt at 105,000 miles just before I bought it. A roughly 140,000 miles the "neutral safety switch went out and I had it replaced and the Ol' girl has run like a champ until recently. Now the transmission actlike the torque converter is staying locked up when I come to a stop, Just like you'd expect a manual to act like if you tried to stop while it was in gear. It doesn't do it until its been warmed up and if I drop the transmission down through the gears it doesn't do it, just if I leave it in drive, doesn't seem to matter if the overdrive is engaged or not. I've had the transmission serviced twice in the last 70,000 miles and was thinking its about time to do it again before this started happening. I've never had to add fluid and the fluid looks great, nice and pink and not burned the entire time I've owned it. I did replace the O2 sensor just before this started but don't think that could be causing my problem.
Since I've got to poorboy this one any pointers to get me started in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks Jim
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