taurus steering fluid check valve??

i had previously posted a question about the p/s fluid coming out of the reservoir on this 99 taurus after the engine is shut down. i did find the
rack boots to be full of fluid. i changed the rack. but the fluid level still went way too high after shutting down the engine and it overflowed out of the reservoir. i tried bleeding the system by jacking up the front wheels and cranking the wheel back and forth while starting the engine. this helped a little but it still does it. i even tried blowing out the return line to see if it was blocked.then i changed the pressure hose ($114.00!!!) there is also a small check valve in the port on the rack for the pressure hose. this was not included with the new rack btw. it is a small round sleeve with a spring and a plate inside it. could this valve be causing my problem? i see alot of people asking questions about this same issue on the internet, but there are no answers to the questions besides suggestions of bleeding the system.
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