2001 focus will not idle

Hi all,
My 2001 focus with a 2.0L 5spd zetec suddenly quit idling.
When you try to start the car you have to give it a little gas or it
won't start. Once it is running it runs fine, but if you take your foot
off of the gas it will stall. Any ideas ?
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Dan Lucas
Sounds like your IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve quit working. Its located on the front of the intake manifold between the manifold and the block. Pain to get to. As a temp fix just take strips of duct table and wrap them around the plate that contacts the throttle stop screw on your throttle body. This will open the throttle just enough to let it idle.
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Thanks for the info. I will give the duct tape a try and go shopping for a new IAC valve.
thanks again.
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Dan Lucas

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