Lower Control Arm Repairs

While Driving on an extremely icy road, i had a fellow in a 4 Runner slide through a stop sign finally completing the attempt and ending up
in my lane. I was going 35MPH and put on the breaks and began nosing the car toward the curb. I corrected the movement and the car proceeded to go down the road with the nose pointing to the opposite lane. The city i live in having real brilliant engineers had placed a median in the middle of any street they felt they could put one on, and the even funnier part is that, although engineers they can't engineer anything properly. They placed the medians in a city where there is always a good season for snow and ice due to the close placement in the vicinity of a mountain range. I smacked the curb on the left hand side and bent the lower control arm, and an outer tie rod. I have a 2001 4 door Focus and I got an estimate at a local repair shop and that came to about $400 dollars!!!! So i called a junkyard and got a new Lower control arm and tie rod for under $75 and tok 54 min. to replace it all and align it myself. Not bad for a Teenager :-) Anyways, i saved a whole ton of money fixing the darn thing myself. I would reccomend this to anyone who knows which end of the screwdriver to use because of all of the labor costs and the cost of parts that are really not worth the money to pay a mechanic to add all kinds of charges and costs too.
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