Safety recall in Canada - 2000 to 2002 (long)

I got a mail from Ford Canada regarding a safety recall. I share it FYI:
"This notice is sent to you under the requirements of the Motor Vehicule
Safety Act of Canada. Our records show that you own the vehicule with the identification number shown above with your name and address.
Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited (Ford) has determined that a defect which releases to motor vehicule safety exists in all 2000-2002 model year Focus 4-door, 4-door wagon, and 5-door vehicules originally sold in, or currently registered in corrosive provinces.
We apologize for this situation and want to assure you that, with your assistance, we will correct this condition. Our commitment, together with your Ford or Ford/Licoln Dealer, is to provide you with the highest level of service and support possible.
What the safety issue is...
In recognized high corrosion areas of North America, the rear door latches on your vehicule may experience corrosion in the pawl pivot area. This may prevent proper engagement of the pawl into the catch, and could make it difficult to close the rear door. Eventually, this could progress to a point where the rear door might not latch properly. If not latched properly, the door may open while driving and an unrestrained occupant could fall out of the vehicule, increasing the risk of injuries.
What Ford and your dealer will do...
Parts for this recall will not be available until late May 2005
When parts becomes available, Ford and your dealer will inspect, clean, and lubricate the rear door latches, and install a lower rear door seal and informational label, free of charge (parts and labour). As a courtesy maintenance, dealers will also lubricate the front door latches even tough the front door latches are not part of this recall. We urge you to return to your dealer for this service beginning in late May 2005.
Until that time, if a rear door wil *not* close, contact your dealer."
It is funny, the first recall I get. Note the tone, you may be unable to use you vehicule or one can get killed while you use it, but to excuse us we will humbly lubrify your front door latches for free (10 cents worth of WD-40) ;-)
I had a problem with my hood this winter, it would not lock back once openend because it was really cold (-25 C). Brought it to a Ford dealer, they unfroze it by letting it stand in the garage, lubricated it for my conveniance, charged me 25$, and guess what? Same situation one week later...
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