UK 2001 (51) Focus 2.0l Zetec

Sods law really - car booked in for service next Tuesday but sudden loss of
power this evening. RAC chap suspected the cam belt but the belt was still
intact. His next thought was perhaps it had slipped. Anyway he towed it
to my local garage where I usually take it - not a Ford dealer, but a
reasonable standard though. Car has done approx 75K miles.

They are going to take a look at it tomorrow.

Fearing the worst, anyone have any opinion if this is worth repairing -
approximate likely cost. How about a replacement reconditioned engine.
Any advice gratefully received :-)
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Red Squirrel
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cam belts change interval is 100k on focus's... surprised its failed so soon. can't tell you anything else though, hopefully if the belts slipped then no damage to valves. Let us know the outcome when you know please.
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"BigGirlsBlouse" wrote in news:498448f5_1@mk-nntp-
Cambelt tensioner had failed and damage had been done to the valves.
Approx £300 labour + £200 parts for my local garage to remove the head, install the head again, replace the cambelt and tensioner, gasket set, oil antifreeze etc. That included £70 for something described as a "housing" - no idea what that is. Then it was another £500 for a "specialist" to replace the valves, valve grinding, head skimming etc and generally overhaul the cylinder head. All in all a very expensive failure :-(
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Red Squirrel
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Possibly the thermostat housing. They are plastic and prone to cracking.
I'm not sure that a skim would have been needed but a lot of the valve guides would have needed replacing and obviously new valves too. A second hand head would have been a lot cheaper and just as good.
That sort of failure is seldom cheap unfortunately.
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