Accessory Delay Stopped Working

2011 Ford F 150 XLT accessory delay stopped working. Instead of the radio staying on, I get a message "off to save battery". I had battery checked and it's 85% good.
I am perplexed.
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ifn yawl buy a new batt...go to Ford Truck Enthusiast forums n search for 'ROADHOG E250 battery'
I explain a simple shaft replacing the standard batt holder with an accessible device
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muh E250GT runs on a newish Odyssey made for a 5.4
alternator sez output at 60 mph plus is around 180-200 amps.
around town daytime no lights not much stereo, electric windows ....the system does not power electric windows with motor off.
if the truck is run down n up the interstate daytime no lights windows may roll down with motor off. During summer.
figure the trucks total power consumption ...add up lights, radio, a/c ....running engine systems....during summer...and you will find the 120 amp alt leaves little for charging in around town driving.
the alt output is contingent on rpms
so Frod uses the batt limiter insuring your Frod starts in the morning at least up to 24 hr freezing.
worser, on investigation n interview I find phew Frod owners read the manual n have no idea on startng procedure.
an Odyssey is available for your 150 from Summit.
muh E250GT with the so called 200 amp alt runs the interstate at night with either fog lamps or 400 watt stereo but not both....and with one batt is drained down after 3 hours
the custom wires are all 16 Ga and significant losses
Powerstream has inverters and a loss calculator for 12v/Ga/feet
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with the A/C running top speed. The blower fan sports the only 12Ga accessory wire in the engine area.
the 4 -5 year Odyssey batt tested good in the low 1/3 of green. I wuz headed to West Texas from Fla so installed a new one finding the engine runs much smoother at 65 than it did with the 4-5 batt
all this is done in mild weather.
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My E250 has your virus. Thanks.
with the inverter, a B&D 500w, running supplying CTEK batt charger(s) ...headlamps Hella hi/lo are dim then after miles come on hi.
Stock lamps when new were bright then lost 50% cp. Bad Batt ? but the only recourse was positioning the stalk supplying both Hi and Lo.
Voltage meter shows supply same as before the virus.
I'm testing the ALT after checking grounds n bulbs.
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