2001 chevy s10 Upstream oxygen sensor wires

Hello I hope someone can help me out , I bought a new front o2 sensor cause the code for the old one was being shown and when I went under to remove t he old and replace with the new " upstream "front" oxygen sensor" I noticed that the plug where you plug the sensor into the wiring of the truck , the two wires where just dangling so I put them back into their housing and th en though hmmm not sure if i connected them correctly cause the sensor "old and new" has one grey with a black stripe wire and one solid black wire an d the truck has one purple and one tanish yellow wire ,I assumed the purple was ground and connected it to where the black wires prong on the sensor w ould go and the yellow where the grey one would go but I would love to know for sure . I have tirelessly searched the googles to no avail and would ap preciate any help thanks so much
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