2004 xterra ignition key won't turn all the way off

My xterra is driving me insane, sometimes I put it in park and the key work s perfectly, other times, it will turn off, but won't go the 1 more click s o I can remove it. If I sit there and put the car in drive, back to park, t urn the key several times I can get it to come out most of the time. Last n ight I got in it, and it started right up, but my lights wouldn't turn on, andddd I couldn't get the key out. The blinkers worked. And of course as so on as I get home, hubby gets in it, and everything works perfectly, so he t hinks it's all me. I am not insane, I know how to drive, this is a real pro blem! Any suggestions other than pushing it over a cliff??? lol
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Sounds like wear in the bushings on the cable that moves the interlock. When you put it in park. Don't be gentle. Move the lever fast and hard. If it works every time the bushings are worn and the park lock for the key release isn't going fully into release. Not hard to repair but a bunch of things have to come apart.
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Steve W.

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