91 Ciera 3300 Intake Manifold leak? Big or little problem?

Some history...
About 2 or 3 months ago, I took this 91 Ciera to a radiator shop to get a radiator leak taken care of, since I seemed to be losing
antifreeze from the reservoir, even though there was fluid in the radiator itself. It was a newer radiator, but the found a leak and repaired. About a month or so later I'd gotten a tune-up and went driving around for a while and noticed a few days later that there was a thick antifreeze smell when I'd walk by the front of the car and the antifreeze in the reservior was almost empty, again.
Take it somewhere and they check it out, find some leaky hoses, and they replace the lower radiator hose and the bypass hose: End result--thick antifreeze smell nearly gone from the front of the car.
A few days ago, I get out of the car and notice a slight antifreeze smell when I'm bent down by the front of the hood. Nowhere near what it was, but I crack open the hood and look. There was a lot of grime on various parts of the top of the engine and--given the amount of antifreeze I'd been losing from leaking hoses--I'd assumed that most of the gunk and grime was caked on from those.
With that, it appeared along the intake manifold gasket* (where there was a collection of grime) there were a few droplets of antifreeze. So today I pulled out a rag and wiped off the area, cleaned off as much as I could with only elbow grease, and noticed after it cleaned, it seemed that there was a slight, slow, sweat of antifreeze from along the gasket. Not a lot, maybe even invisible if I weren't looking and the engine was still a little warm from running for five minutes. Car seems to run all right except for that, but when I was letting the car warm up last night I noticed more white smoke from my exhaust then seems to be attributable to the cold weather. Additionally, tonight when I was driving and stopped the car after about 100ft of driving to get out and get something, I noticed an bitter, almost a rotten rubber, kind of smell in the air--seemingly from my car.
Both the reservoir and the radiator seem full and very green. Oil dipstick seems to be almost 'new' oil color. (Last done three months/1000 miles ago.)
*(Fairly sure it's the intake manifold. Had to go to the library to look at a Chilton's to see what the part was from my recollection. Unfortunately, by the time I'd gotten to the library it was too dark and cold to reexamine the engine to double check)
Do these symptoms sound indicitive of something?
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