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Not too long ago there were real bumpers on cars. Bumpers with spring supports. Bump your car's bumper into another car's bumper and no damage. In fact it was normal in parking a car to bump into
the car ahead and then back up a bit. Now we scratch a bumper shield and the owner goes bananas and wants the scratch fixed. So you fork out five hundred bucks to shut them up. You don't make an insurance claim, because some other sh-th--ds have cheated on their claims, and if you claim then you pay five times over the value of the claim for the next three years. Does it really matter if your "baby" has a few scratches on the bumper shield? Does it affect your drive? Isn't that shiney plastic and foam set of wheels have a future at the scrape yard sometime soon? So why do we have car insurance? It doesn't really benefit us. Anyway, quit yakking to your friend in the back seat and pay attention while you're backing up. 'Cause if you hit my wheels I'm going to go bananas.
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