Accord EX 1990

Need help....planning on handing over my 1990 Accord EX to my kids to
use. Very low milage, just broke 90K. My main problems are that the
electric door locks, passive/auto seat belts are all malfunctioning (
not working). Would that be all related to the driver?s door? Is all
the controllers/electronics responsible for these two items located in
the drivers door? Using the seat belts on manual mode, but not sure if
that?s safe or not. Any help with these two items would be
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Hello, You may want to check the fuses. Radio Shack sells an electrical tester for less than $15.00 that can be used as a fuse checker. You need to install a battery in it. In many cases, you can look at a fuse and determine if it needs to be replaced. Jason
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