2005 Honda Accord EX

I just trade in my used car for a brand new 2005 honda accord EX 4
cylinders. I did not get V6 because of the price difference and the
increase in gas price nowadays. Do you think I made the right
decision? If you own a Accord EX 4 Cylinders, I would like to know if
there are any tips I should be aware of?
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You definitely made the right choice choosing the four over the V6. Besides the price difference, the fact is, Honda does two things better than absolutely anyone else: four-cylinder engines and manual transmissions. Honda V6es are smooth and powerful enough, but they don't have the same spirit as, say, the Nissan VQ, or a BMW six.
I don't own an Accord, and I've had my Element (same engine) less than a year, so others will have more help as far as tips.
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Both the I4 and the V6 are great cars. I chose the V6 cause my friend has an I4 and he regrets not going with the V6. We compare gas mileage between our cars and there's less than 10% difference.
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Hello, I think that you made the right decision. You payed MUCH less for the car and will get better mileage than if you purchased the V6. I have the EX 4 and it has all of the power that I need and all of the power that you will need. My only advice is to keep copies of all of your service records. You will probably need to use them but if you do--they will help you prove your case. Jason
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I always find it very funny when somebody goes out and spends over 20 grand on a car and to make themselves feel better they start asking people around them, or on news groups.
Who cares what we think. You bought the car and your stuck with it regardless of our opinions. Perhaps you should have researched the matter before you bought the car.
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Halo2 guy
i have the EX6 and happy with the choice. if you live in a hot area, with the 4 you will lose alot of power with the a.c. on
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Best advice . .
Keep the Owner's manual in the bathroom for a while until it's memorized. Use Honda fluids for tranny and steering. Write your radio security code inside the fuse box cover (in case you're in another city and your Owner's manual is at home (in the bathroom) :-)
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