Hello, I have a 1990 Honda Accord EX that six months ago gave me a
hard time starting. Turnes over great put wont start. If I try it a
few time then it would start and run just fine. This week the problem
has come back.
I let it sit at work for the day hot weather wont start right away but
after a few tries it starts and again runs great.
Have changed fuel filter, plugs
Any Ideas??
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Like dgk suggested, the main relay is a strong candidate for replacement or possibly repair. See
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"Chop" wrote
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That's the main relay. Until you get around to fixing it, you can turn the key to position II and smack the dash with your left fist. You'll hear the fuel pump run for two seconds and the car will now start.
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hot weather + no-start = main relay.
don't waste your money changing the fuel filter on a honda. i've yet to see a single one that actually needed it.
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jim beam
It is either the main relay or the coil going bad, most likley the main relay. Next time it want start, open the drivers door an hit the dash on the side. If it is the main realy it will most likey unstick and start. You should repalce it asap.
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