Aftermarket Cruise control on a 98 civic

Hi all,
I have had my car now for about 8 years. I bought a 98 civic lx sedan, and the LX here in Canada comes with pretty much no features. I had 2
stipulations for my next car at the time, and that was it had to have A/C, and it had to have Cruise. Had the A/C installed at the dealership, but there was no after factory cruise available, so they sent it to an outside shop for installation.
To be honest, I have never really been happy with it. It surges, it does funny things. Well now after 8 years, it just doesn't seem to want to stay on. I have done all the checks on possible culprits, brake sensor, dragging brakes, bad linkage to the throttle body. Funny thing is, it did the same thing about 3 years ago. Then I went on a long road trip, and its been fine ever since. Until now.
Today I was talking to my father in law, he mentioned he had the same problem at one time in his 88 toyota van. He still has that van too.... Anyways he said once his cruise stopped working. Then for something totally unrelated, he had his brakes done. After the brakes were done, the cruise worked fine.
The same thing happened to me 3 years ago. Cruise stopped working. Brakes needed doing, I replaced the pads, and the cruise has worked fine ever since. Until now.
So now my cruise is giving me grief again. And guess what? My front brakes are worn down.
My question is: Would worn brake pads have anything to do with aftermarket (or any) cruise control working properly? My theories are as follows:
1. Dragging brake. The brake pads are too thin and the shims are having a hard time doing their job. When I hit bumps, the pads momentarily put resistance to the rotor, causing the cruise to kick out. Thing is, you'd figure there would be a mileage decrease from dragging, and I am definitely not experiencing that.
2. Something to do with vacuum pressure?
3. Totally unrelated and I am retarded.
Any ideas out there?
Thanks t
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