Honda Accord rehab

I have a 1992 Honda Accord that has been sitting in my driveway for
three years. What do I need to do to get this car in running shape? I
know battery, tires, and fix original problem. What about anything
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rob1955 wrote in news:
the engine cylinders have probably rusted. probably the steering rack,too. Lots of moving parts have probably rusted. the fuel lines are probably gummed up with old gas.
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Jim Yanik
or you can fire it up and discover that it works just fine.
crank the motor by hand and change the oil before starting. drain and change the old gasoline too.
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jim beam
I agree. I have started many Hondas that have sat for a while. Funny thing is that the fuel system is so well isolated, the gas might just be OK barely. Not a bad idea to drain it though.
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Grumpy AuContraire
87 prelude sat in my garage for over 1.5years. Charged the battery up, and it fired up within 20 seconds. Carbs were probably gummed up, plus the old gas....
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loewent via

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