Planet Honda of Union - Tim Ciasulli - Timco, Inc.

Beware: Planet Honda of Union, NJ - Timco, Inc. - Tim Ciasulli
Planet Honda 2285 Route 22 West Union, New Jersey 07083 908-964-1600 or 800-316-3718
In some situations auto dealers may be forced by the auto manufacturers that sell to them, to change their dealership names, even though the original names may have become quite familiar to the public -- in a shall we say, negative way.
In other cases, the dealerships may choose to change their names themselves, if for example, the name should become (for any number of reasons) something undesireable in the public eye.
The folks behind the dealership operation may very well STILL be the very same folks running or having some degree of influence, in the manner in which the place operates mind-you.
For example: Timco, Inc. which does business with the public as Planet Honda of Union, New Jersey is the firm owned by Tim Ciasulli. Tim-Co... get it?
His half-brother Bob Ciasulli also runs a number of dealerships which have undergone public name changes for reasons which you can guess at, if you read between the lines, and look for other documents from the State of New Jersey about Bob Ciasulli's operations.
The Ciasulli Family name used to be VERY VERY prominently visible on auto dealership signs across parts of New Jersey, but not any more.
Wonder why?
Check around the web and your state governments for dealers who you may want to do business with -- before you buy.
We did just that, and ran into Tercia Leite, the Internet Sales "Manager" at Planet Honda of Union, NJ in January of 2007.
During a conversation, and upon our questioning the origin and breakdown of any of their *requested* "fees" as they pertain to a new car purchase, we were abruptly and rudely told that their dealer documentary fee ($289) was mandatory because it already was pre-printed onto all of their sales orders, and therefore required by the state. Knowing full well that New Jersey has no such "documentary fee(s)" as being mandatory, that statement was a BIG RED FLAG on their business tactics, so we passed on Tercia AND Planet Honda.
As a service to the public, and with out further delay, we present the following document/information available to the public at large.
New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety
New Jersey Office of the Attorney General
Stuart Rabner, Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs Stephen B. Nolan, Acting Director
For Immediate Release: November 3, 2006
For Further Information Contact: Tamisha Hallman 973-504-6327 Consumer Information: 973-504-6200
NEWARK, NJ - The Attorney General’s Office and the Division of Consumer Affairs have filed suit against Timco, Inc., owner of Planet Honda, and Chevrolet 73, Inc., owner of two vehicle dealerships, for multiple violations of the state’s Consumer Fraud Act, Attorney General Stuart Rabner and Acting Director Stephen B. Nolan announced today.
The two lawsuits, filed in State Superior Court in Union and Camden counties, allege that Planet Honda, a Union Township-based car dealership, and the Berlin-based Chevrolet 73 and Chevrolet 73 Bargain Corral dealerships, committed unconscionable commercial practices and violations of the state’s Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations.
The dealerships violated the Motor Vehicle Advertising Regulations in newspaper and internet ads by failing to make required disclosures, including limitations on rebates to consumers, and failing to disclose previous damage to and/or prior use of used motor vehicles.
“A deal that is impossible to obtain is no deal at all. Consumers were lured into these two dealerships by deceptive ads,” Attorney General Rabner said. “We expect businesses to make all legally required disclosures so consumers are protected in the marketplace.”
The suits allege multiple violations of the Consumer Fraud Act, including unconscionable commercial practices, providing misleading information to consumers, and withholding information from consumers such as prior vehicle damage, among other things. The specific allegations include:
Failure to honor the advertised and/or negotiated terms of a sale or lease transaction; Failure to disclose to consumers prior accident history and damage of purchased or leased cars; Misrepresentation of vehicle mileage; Misrepresentation that certain dealer-provided options were mandatory; Charging for title and registration in excess of the MVC fees; Use of the state seal in advertisements to imply a state certification that did not exist; Failure to provide consumers with title and registration in a timely manner; Engaging in “bait and switch” by advertising a vehicle with a low sales or lease price and then refusing to sell or lease that vehicle at the advertised price; Failure to cancel a contract or pay off a loan on trade-in vehicles; and Violations of the Used Car Lemon Law, including misrepresentation of the mechanical condition of a used motor vehicle.
“The purchase or lease of a car often is one of a consumer’s largest purchases and they should have confidence that the dealer is treating them fairly,” said Acting Director Nolan. “In these cases, consumers were the victims of conniving schemes intended to boost sales. We intend to stop these dealers in their tracks and reimburse those consumers who were taken for a ride.”
The state is seeking restitution for consumers who have filed complaints and maximum civil penalties which currently provide for up to $10,000 for the initial violation of the Consumer Fraud Act and up to $20,000 for each subsequent violation. The state also is seeking a change in business practices at Planet Honda and Chevrolet 73 to prevent future violations. Deputy Attorneys General Gina M. Betts and Jeffrey Koziar are representing the state in these matters.
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Everything bad that was said about the ciasulli family is false they are ve ry respectfully the most caring family in nj for the past 60 years with the first dealer by Jerry ciasulli who fought for his country in world war 2 v ery well respected in the nj city his dealership name was gaylin Buick in u nion nj. He brought his brothers in his business who all of them came from canarsie brooklyn . Among them were john ciasulli who was jerry's used car salesman one of the best in the bussiness then there was bob ciasulli sr. H e was Jerry's right hand man who left Jerry to open maxon Pontiac one of th e biggest deal ear ships on route 22 in nj. Then there was tommy ciasulli h e fixed all the cars he was jerry's auto body guy . He left Jerry to open h is own auto body shop he did very well now his sons tommy Jr and Angelo hav e the business and they are very well respected in the bussiness . And tomm y ciausulli is bobby ciasulli Jr god father which for the Italians is very well respected they were like father and son also if you did not know bob ciasulli sir was a nypd police officer for 10 years before he went to nj to be a car dealership owner. He got a ocomidation buy the mayor of NY for mo st arrest in one year. There was also a younger brother joe ciasulli who wa s not in the bussines but don't know what he did. And the there was three g irls sadie , rose , elenor, now count how many kids they were yes 9 kids an d forgot to tell you about the other sister who died at two years old of sw ollen glands because they could not afford to go to the hosp. Well I can te ll u about bob ciasulli sr he told his boys you can not go in my bussines until u finish collage and they all did and Timmy sr is a lawyer. So when you buy a car from the ciasulli family your buying history there is no pric e on that.
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