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Don't forget that Catholics did not formally acknowledge a heliocentric solar system until 1992, 350 years after Galileo produced
evidence supporting Copernicus's theory (for which Galileo was condemned by the Catholic church):
Christians have a tendency to cling to beliefs long after overwhelming evidence refutes them. This is because their beliefs are based on faith, not fact. Science is open to the scrutiny of facts and the addition of new information that may support or refute current theories. While scienctific theories are flexible and can be adjusted due to the introduction of new facts, faith-based religions cannot- it goes against the whole idea of believing the impossible (or highly unlikely) without supporting factual evidence. Science DOES NOT introduce unsubstantiated beliefs in order to explain observable phenomena. There's no need for it; you just accept the fact that you don't have all of the information necessary to sove the puzzle...yet.
Ironically, two of the most controversial scientific theories of our time were both introduced by practicing or aspiring clergy- Charles Darwin was *this close* to joining the ministry before accepting a position on the HMS Beagle, and one of the main contributors to the theory which would be later known as the "Big Bang" was a Belgian priest named George Lemaitre.
"It is necessary to repeat here what I said above. It is a duty for theologians to keep themselves regularly informed of scientific advances in order to examine if such be necessary, whether or not there are reasons for taking them into account in their reflection or for introducing changes in their teaching."- Pope John Paul II

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