Replacing clock light in Accord

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dirt simple.
search this newsgroup with Google and you'll find it.
get the part at the dealer. Pry the clock out from below with a very thing blade.
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Elmo P. Shagnasty

I own a Honda 2000 Honda Accord EX and the backlight of the clock has
gone out.
How do I replace this? Where would I get the part and how does one get
back to the clock area to replace it?
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Scott Mitchell
Scott, I just replaced the clock lamp on my 99 Accord a few weeks ago. Less than a minute - use a 1-1/2 - 2" scraper/putty knife. Insert under the clock assembly (use a sheet of paper or thin cloth underneath so you don't scratch the dash). Push down on the putty knife handle and the bottom of the clock assembly will pop out. Pull it out, unplug the 2 harness connections and remove the bulb with a small screwdriver. The lamp was under $2.00 at Honda.
This must happen a lot because when I called to see if it was a stock part he stopped me after the words "clock lamp" and immediately asked if it was for an Accord or Odyssey and they had plenty in stock. George
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