2014 AWD ix35/Tucson. Clunks in rear suspension.

Can happen randomly but more associated with bumps etc in road. Wont happen for days then maybe 3-4 times in a minute. Has 130,000 km and seems to be becoming more frequent. Had a look for worn bushes, links and sway bars in rear and it all appears solid. Sounds as if there is some sheet metal involved rather than the solid thuds you usually get with suspension noise. Some suggestions from elsewhere that rear dampers may need replacing. An suggestions? How long do dampers usually last? Many thanks John
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It may not be the suspension. I sometimes get strange noises from my 2016 Tucson, which I attribute to loose tools in the spare wheel well jumping up and down.
Try removing the thick plywood floor of the luggage compartment, and all tools and anything else stored under it - and see whether the noises still occur.
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Roger Mills

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