2014 Ix35 rear suspension noise

There is an isolated "clunk" from rear suspension. Infrequent enough so if I
took it to Dealers you can bet it wouldn,t happen and
they would report everything is perfect.
Seems to happen more when there is a bump on one side of car than when both
rear wheels hit bump at same time or when turning corners.
Anyone come across this issue before or know where to point?.
Many Thanks
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Thanks for suggestions. I,ll check both. The iX35 here used to be the Tucson and has now been full circle and back to Tucson again. I had a NF Sonata with same noise which had the rear roll bar slopping back and forth a bit in the two mountings. Just relocated the mountings but didnt work on this. Otherwise very very happy with car. Thanks again John
Also check inside spare wheel well for loose items.
For the US people, the I35 is the Tucson.
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