Maintenence schedule: Dealer or Hundai's?

I've always defaulted to the manufacturer specified schedule of
maintenance for my card (2013 Elantra GLS, 49k miles). I was at the
dealer today to get an oil change and do two recall fixes and they said
I should have gotten my tranny fluid replaced at 30k as well as a
coolant flush at 30k miles.
Manufacturer schedule
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says nothing about tranny fluid replacement even up to 150k miles. Coolant, however, it says to change at 120k miles. Since I am an informed consumer and I know today's coolant and tranny fluids can go an obscene amount of miles before needing a change, are they just looking for cash? I should expect to change coolant before 120k miles though, no?
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You are depriving the dealer of a lot of profit. Shame on you being informed and reading the manual. Did they try to get you for fuel injection cleaning too?
I folow the book to keep the warranty with no hassle, nothing extra. Can't recall the last time for coolant but I'd do it at about 100k anyway.
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Ed Pawlowski

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