Need help with 4XC1 engine--sluggish cooling system

Well this puppy runs real hot...the head will sizzle when spit on! ...the dipstick has turned blue like gunmetal. Q: Do these motors' cooling passages
get clogged up with deposits? (@115KMis.)......Do their radiators clog easily? (I want to get it dipped and rodded)......but my first check is for a stuck T-Stat....(dunk in boiling water to check if it opens.) ....oh's power is very sluggish going up hills........temp guage reads 2/3'rds to 3/4'ths on the scale.....heater blows's a '87 Spectrum/ I-Mark. thanks guys, I just picked it up for $500 ! a poor man's car..........and I hope to not get reamed at the radiator shop!.......Later, Patrick
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