KIA Sedona Block Heater Cord

We bought a 2004 KIA Sedona - and have never had to use a block heater
until now. I have checked - and for the life of me I cannot find the
block heater cord. Any hints for me on where it might be? I have
searched the whole interior of the engine compartment and cannot see
anything resembling the cord ... could the cord have been missed when
they prepped the car after sale? Please respond to my email as well:
Thanks for any assistance you can provide ...
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Kia Motors does not install block heaters at the factory level. To my knowledge this is a dealer supplied item on deleivery (should the dealer elect to) However if you are sure you have a block heater I have seen the cords end up bellow the battery on the driver's side of the vehicle. Look for a black wire that has excessive slack in it compared to the surrounding wires.
Good luck
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