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New Defender
Now we have all had a chance to study the New Defender what is the concensus? I understand commercial models will be coming out soon but so far they say they are selling a lot of top of the range ones...
3 months ago
Looking for a Land Rover RDS 3.12
Hi Team, im looking for a RDS version 3.12 Could you please share it, if it possible and can do it. CD or ISO. Thank you in advance.
8 months ago
What is the spec of Series 3 Landrovers wheel nuts?
Many years ago in 1975 and 1976 I drove on my own, from UK to Abu Dhabi, wh ere I worked for an oil company. I used series 3 Landrovers on both trips a nd, knowing there were a few patches of sand in...
1 year ago
New Defender
For anyone who still lurks in here. I had a call today from a Land rover dealer and they told me the new Defender would be out next year. Told her I would believe it when I saw it. Not heard anything...
2 years ago 2
Re: Discovery / Austin Maestro van Same vehicle
A bit late I know, but to cure any confusion, and that is here in ABUNDANCE, just search for The CB40 Project. AND if anybody is interested, the Freelander/Maestro prototype, which is owned by The...
2 years ago 1
04 Freelander counterweight ring on the viscous coupling
Wonder if you can help please. The counterweight ring on the viscous coupling has come loose - clearly this was 'stuck' in place at manufacture. What can I use to stick back in position please? it...
3 years ago
2004 Land Rover td4
Regarding my 2004 td4 I have two problems. Firstly I had a new clutch a fortnight ago and previous to this performance and power was fine however now after 2,000 revs it struggles to accelerate and...
3 years ago
Any suggestions for Defender with a few accessories fitted including a snorkel!!. I've had it refused for that and two quotes on Comparethemarkets for 10,000, yes 10,000 Bps Accessories snorkel window...
3 years ago 3
HDC Fault - Discovery 3
Every few days I get a message come up - HDC fault (hill descent control) s pecial programmes off and then the suspension lowers. I've learnt that if I momentarily turn off the ignition off and on,...
3 years ago
Tartarini switch/gauge wiring
I have a new tattarini switch with 4 wires but don't know what dose what red , black ,brown and blue
4 years ago
Sankey Wide Track Trailer Rear Light Lens & Front white light complete
I need a rear light lens (red and amber in one) also a complete front white light unit for a Sankey Wide Track Mk 3
4 years ago
Sankey Trailer Jockey Wheel
Does any one have a Sankey Trailer Jockey Wheel. I need the bottom stem that screws over the threaded winding handle which I still have. Only lost the bottom stem with the wheel on. Tel. 07860 313822
4 years ago
Defender Door trim removal
2010 Defender CSW (Puma) Exterior Passenger door handle has decided to come loose. To refix it I need to remove the door trim, hopefully without too much damage. I would appreciate any advice on how...
4 years ago
Bit quiet in here, isn't it? After a fatal problem with my Disco 1, I was persuaded to invest in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. At least I now know that they don't have a 4WD that matches what I want and that...
4 years ago 4
OT Latest Robot Challenge
Now that they can play draughts, beat humans at chest, vacuum the floor, collect samples on Mars etc. here is a real challenge. Give them a pile of Land Rover Defender parts, a Hayes manual and the...
4 years ago