Peugeot 207CC roof fault

When activating the 'roof down' switch, our 207CC winds the windows down,
half opens the boot lid, then, with a 'bong', stops and displays 'Faulty
roof mechanism'.
It's probably optimistic of me to ask, but is there anything I can try
DIY-wise before I take it to the Peugeot dealer?
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Neil Bush
Perhaps optimistic to ask here, but lots of info if you Google. Also worth asking here:
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where one suggestion is that a design fault causes a hydraulic pipe to fracture, dumping the fluid.
Sadly, the pipe is all part of the cylinder, so possibly not cheap if it's that.
I would also try to find a specialist local to you before you go the dealer route.
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Chris Whelan
You may find that a complete open and close sequence using the manual method will re-set it. Should be an allen key somewhere IIRC
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I think you are thinking of the 206. Nothing in the manual and no allen key. Thanks anyway.
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I now believe that was only on earlier ones (206 ?)
207cc roof is plagued with problems and there are some specialist places that fix them.
such as these:
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I had a similar problem with mine and was aghast at the prices being charge d by garages so I called out our breakdown company. The mechanic had no id ea but phoned the garage from where I had brought the car. He was told tha t there was a reset button just inside the passenger locking mecanism where the roof locks into the windscreen. He got a pen jiggled it about and tha t was it problem solved. The garage told him that there is sometimes a blip with the computer controlling it and tells the the wrong info ie the roof is shut when in fact it is open. Hope this helps people. Eileen
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Can you tell me where he stuck the pen as mine has just started doing this. Drove quite a few klms with roof down last weekend but went to put it down today windows down boot lifted slightly then error message Also can't open boot
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Chances of someone actively logging and checking "motorsforum" is nill, as that source leaches newsgroup posts that that user is not really an active participant of.
You will be in for a long wait.
If this is your thing "web forums", there are some dedicated to Peugeot. Google will find them.
Oh, fuck it. Just google ...
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Adrian Caspersz

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