Problems engaging gears - Toyota Picnic

It is getting increasingly difficult to change gear on our Picnic (2.0 GL Petrol 1996). especially when setting off and facing downhill.
Also the biting point on the clutch pedal seems very high.
Could this be due to either the gearbox oil being a little low, and or the clutch needing adjusting. In any case, can anyone tell me how to go about topping up the oil and adjusting the clutch.
Also, any other suggestions as to what might be wrong (preferably cheap to fix ones!)
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It's unlikely to be gearbox oil. More likely the clutch, which, if it doesn't clear properly when you press the pedal, means that the gears are still turning when you try to force the gear lever into gear, and the syncromesh stops the gears engaging. The only problem I have with this logic is that I would expect the biting point to be low, not high. If it's low, then it is more likely that the clutch is not disengaging properly and would show your symptoms, but if it's high (like yours is) then it's more likely that the clutch is not fully engaging when you take your foot off, and you might get clutch slip. However, I suppose it's possible that pushing the pedal too far (which is what is in effect happening with you) might cause the internal release mechanism to bind and cause these symptoms. Whatever, you definitely should ensure that the clutch is properly adjusted, but I'm afraid I don't have specific experience of your vehicle as to how to do it.
Rob Graham
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Rob graham

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