Tailgate not opening 05 Ford Focus.

Strange problem today with the car. The boot won't open. You press the
microswitch near the rear number plate, you can hear a dull 'clicking'
sound - but the tailgate won't release.
Is it common? What could've caused this? Is this a dealer job?
Focus experts, please help! :)
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In message , " snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com" writes
Silly idea maybe, but the Vectra I had used to have had a similar problem every now and then. Try a hard sharp push down on the tailgate as though you were slamming it and then try to open it. The Vectra (spit) tailgate lock used to jam if it wasn't quite down properly and this latched it just enough to allow the solenoid to do it's job. Usually if I had stuffed too much in the boot or got something jammed between the shut and the tailgate.
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Clint Sharp
Cheers Clint, I actually tried this - just to see what would happen.
Sure enough, it popped open.
I've greased everything up now and I'll make sure I get the other half to slam it properly next time.
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In message , snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com writes
Glad it worked.
Might also want to check the rubber stopper things, if they're adjustable (haven't paid them any attention on my Focus) it might be that they have moved and need a tweak.
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Clint Sharp

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