Good-Win-Racing: I won't ever deal with them again.

I ordered a clutch from Good-Win-Racing on Sunday May 6. At that time I ordered it, it didn't say a word about being a special build-to-order
Then when I received notification that my shipment had arrived, the clutch was there.
First there was a phone call I made to GWR from the shipping depot I use across the border. I simply thought that the clutch might have gotten lost in transit. That's when I first learned that the clutch would ship later ("in about 10 days" and the product page on GWR was changed to reflect that same info).
14 days after my order (a Sunday, I admit), I sent him this (as his order confirmation email specifically requested):
"Update pleaseÉ Alan"
So I was pleased that on Sunday, I got back from him:
"Hi Alan, We will check Monday with Speedsport on the clutch status.
Brian Goodwin"
Monday came and went, so on Tuesday, I sent:
"Brian, Any update?"
And on Tuesday, I got back:
"Hi Alan, Didn't get answer yet....trying again"
So I replied:
"Thanks, Brian. I appreciate it. Until I get the clutch, I canÕt get my Miata put back togetherÉ"
On Wednesday, Brian sent:
"Hi Alan, Speedsport expects to ship yours Friday"
And at that point, with shipping now nearly double what I was initially told on the phone, I replied with this:
Thanks for that info, but in light of the time to ship being 19 days and not the 10 your website (now) promises, do you think you could get them to ship it at a more expedited pace?
I understand the problems of small businesses and inventory, etc, but I ask you to look at this as if you were the customer.
I ordered and paid for my order on April 6, was told my products had shipped (or at least, it wasnÕt actually mentioned in the order confirmation that anything hadn't; I guess if IÕd read the fine print on the tracking confirmation, I could have gleaned the info from the weight it showed).
Then I was told it ships in 10 days, and now I discover that they ÒexpectÓ it to shipÉ
É19 days after I ordered it.
If this were you purchasing something for YOUR car, wouldnÕt you feel a little let down by your supplier? Because thatÕs how I feel.
YouÕve got my money. YouÕve had it for more than two weeks, and my product is now ÒexpectedÓ to ship in a couple more days.
A quick check with UPS shows that going from ground shipping to 2-day air is probably going to cost an additional $60. I hope that you and Speedsport can help me out to that extent.
And Brian's reply is this (still Wednesday):
"Hi Alan
Just say the word and we can cancel and refund that right now....but I have zero power to make the very small maker of this item move faster. Website does NOT promise it will ship in 10 days and rather resent the twisting of the product description states a mere approximation of "about 10 days". It's a unique and very special item we are proud to offer, that we spent massive time in helping make available to Miata customers while all our competitors give you the same mass produced heavy pedal choices.... and the time it takes to get them made is well worth the wait. IF you don't agree, let's just cancel and refund it now and the next guy in line behind you will be thrilled that his shipped faster than expected.
Brian Goodwin"
At that point, I didn't reply. I didn't "say the word".
He then came back to me with this (remember: I'm now just waiting for Friday to arrive to see if my clutch ships):
"Sorry that has taken so long, it's a ONE-man show building those and in peak season (which is now) that one man is doing the best he can."
So I replied:
I do appreciate that, but if heÕs building that many clutches then he could probably afford to cut me a little break in time on a more expedited shipping. I checked a little bit, and upgrading from standard ground to 2-day air shipping would probably cost about $60. (Assuming a shipping weight of about 30lbs at 12x12x6 (IIRC).
Is $30 from him and $30 from you really that much to keep a customer happy?
I do like the product and the supporting info youÕve provided, but I hope you can see my side of this.
Thanks for staying on top of it."
And I got back this:
"Actually, I don't see you side of it at all.
I waited a year to get the first of these in my car. I was patient an entire year because that's how long it took to make this unique product right.
Your clutch order is cancelled and refunded, figure your bank will show the funds back within about 24 to 48 hours.
Brian Goodwin"
Now what exactly did I say in my last email that deserved that?
Can someone please tell me why I should have had my order cancelled for waiting patiently and just asking nicely for a little consideration?
The rest of you can make your own choices about who to do business with, but I thought some folks might like to know.
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Wow, sounds like a major SNAFU.
On the plus side, you're getting your money back, you just lost some time.
It's too bad that you could not deal directly with the guy who makes these things and had to go through this other guy. Hopefully someone here can direct you to another manufacturer.
I understand that ten days delivery is not a guarantee, but I totally fell down laughing when I read his defense. Clearly he needs to change his web page to indicate that it could take a year, and he needs to learn about customer service.
Anyway, a lesson learned, and best to move on. Life is too short.
Thanks for letting us know!
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