"Mazda says, 'Out with Miata and in with MX-5'"

> Mazda says, 'Out with Miata and in with MX-5' > at
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They're still only doing that "officially". Mazda has been very haphazard with its desire to call the car the MX-5 in the USA.
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And Japan, where it was the Roadster (first Eunos Roadster, then Mazda Roadster) until the NC came along.
The UK is infested with Eunos Roadsters - I think there are more of them than originally-imported NA MX-5s now. By a happy coincidence, the Brits have an eye for a bargain and the Japs dispose of their cars at quite an early age when they're barely run in. Both countries, of course, drive on the left.
I've never heard of anyone importing an MX-5 to the UK from Australia although there is reputed to be the odd Miata, probably sold here by US Air Force personnel, who often bring their own cars over to Lakenheath, Fairford and the like.
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Zog The Undeniable
I know, and long may that trend last. Having said that, my '91 Eunos which I drive here in the UK is still in pretty good condition, so hopefully it'll still last a few years...
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Eric Baber
Here in Australia we see a few MX-5s imported from Japan. Under current laws, there is a shitload of extra tax on anything less than 15 years old. MX5's in Australia are quite expensive, and worth next to nothing in Japan. As a result, what we mostly see are fully optioned 89 & 90,s in good condition, and with low mileage. About 10000AUD (7500USD). We looked at a few, but most had the crappy crank, and we wanted a 1.8.
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Mal Osborne
It seems Mike only reads the Times. Is he on Rev. Moon's payroll? Anyone see a posting from Mike other than linking a Times article?
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Ken Lyons
"Ken Lyons" wrote in news:FZMfg.33428$VL2.20813@trnddc06:
I checked Google Groups, it seems that Mike posts to several groups and his posts are all links to some article in some journal.
Translation: He's a troll.
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"Mike" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@c74g2000cwc.googlegroups.com:
One who behaves as a troll is probably a troll, right? You want to post something, do so. Links and quotes don't count if they amount to 99% of your posts.
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