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Don't. The '09 is a completely new car that just happens to be named the same as last year's. I thought that by buying a Japanese make car, I would not have to worry about the first-model-year problems, but I was wrong.
I have an original production run '03 6s. Not only the first year of the car model, but from the first batch of production - I bought in December of '02. A listed accessory turned out to not fit, there were almost a dozen official recall notices on it in the first two years for various issues ranging from cosmetic to reliability to safety. Some they sent out official notices, some they did silently as the cars came in for service. One of the silent items was to reprogram the engine management to "reduce emissions". It also intentionally dropped the horsepower from the stated 220 to probably 210 or 205.
In my second year of ownership, a hairline crack developed in the radiator. It happened in such a way that it only leaked when cold.
The fan control module (for the fan in the radiator) has been replaced four times. The first time was due to a recall notice, and that replacement was a dud out of the box. Then two more, supposedly new/redesigned, failed within 18 months of the original recall notice.
If you want a Mazda6, I'd recommend either an '08 leftover or wait a year until the '10s are out and get one of those. But IMO you should never willingly buy a first-model-year.
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Jeffrey Kaplan
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For one thing, the model with the V6 has an engine from right off the FORD assembly line... Even has Ford stickers all over it. Maybe it's an okay engine, but if I'm buying Japanese, I want their design through and through...
Guess I'll be driving my '99 MAZDA 626 LX-V6 (5 SPD MANUAL) for a few more years yet! Oh, and it's been the most reliable car that I've ever owned!
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Mazda is at least partly owned by Ford, and the Mazda6 is an American designed and American (well, North America anyway) built vehicle.
I miss my '00 Protege EX. Only reason I traded it was because it was as stickshift and my left knee gave out on me.
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Jeffrey Kaplan
On Tue, 11 Nov 2008 05:43:40 GMT, Anonymous wrote:
FWIW, I had a Ford Probe GT whose Mazda-built V6 suffered from oil leaks, among other problems. Didn't stop me from loving the car but NOTHING made by man (no matter the nationality) will ever be perfect.
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