200,S280, the unhappy owner still waiting for a reply from DaimlerChrysler

Dear Mr. Moh,
Your email dated 25th Aug.,2003 refers.
Your blurry and blurt attitude had force me to conclude that you have not and do not want to understand the whole issue.
You failed to realised that acknowledging your dealer's error will not in anyway free DCM from standing up to the quality of its product and the explicit responsibility to its customer. Unless otherwise DCM is implementing your newly formulated policy of "AFTER SALES NO TALK". The unacceptable sub-standard quality of your product couple with the irresponsible and arrogant attitude of your executives had brought our confident level down to our foot. You should be grateful that we are asking you questions. The day when you see no questions coming from us, it will be the day that we have decided not to be served by DCM. I will still insist to get an appropriate answer from you. If you are unable to furnish the answer, I hope your CEO will be in the position to do so. or may be Jurgen Schrempp is prepared to provide the answers himself. Why the supplied plastic seat cover should failed prematurely, 1st piece in three months and the 2nd piece in 4 weeks? What is the rated lifespan of the new improved version that was installed in my car?
I am not disputing the conditions of warranty stipulated by Daimler Chrysler. I accept your factory repair guidelines for replacement of any failed parts at my own cost. You cannot stop me from exercising my consumer right to question what I need to know.
The instrument cluster failed prematurely at,milage about 17800 Km, what causes this premature failure? Is this a proven and well tested technology? Why did Daimler Chrysler installed this unstable technology into the new car? Why did Daimler Chrysler make use of the unfortunate car owner as the guinea pig to test out the unproven, unreliable and unstable technology? Did your people replaced the failed instument cluster with an improved version? What is the rated lifespan of this newly replaced instrument cluster? Do you have figures to show the numbers of premature instrument ncluster failure in Malaysia, Asia Pacific and worlswide? Am I right to say there are todate 3 cases of this instrument cluster failure in Melaka? There are not more than 12 units of the new S class in Melaka, it works out to be 25 %. Is this consider to be high for your vechicle components rate of premature failure?
Rgds, ST Gan
Copies; alt.auto.mercedes alt.auto.bmw Consumer association of Malaysia
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