Repair C63 AMG wheel

Got some not too bad road rash except it is also a little on the spoke of the five spoke AMG wheel. I was told that the alloy used prevents repair?? Has anyone had one repaired; by whom? At 965.00 new and 750.00 quoted for used, I hope someone can repair it.
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Lil Abner
My brother had a seven spoke AMG Alloy on his C220 Coupé replace under warranty by an MB dealer last month.
He scraped the rim on the front nearside had it repaired but it still didn't look right. they put a kind of resin over the damage but after a couple of week it seems to go transprant and you can see the damage underneath.
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If those wheels are painted, then I don't see why they cannot be refinished. No matter what the alloy, it will accept an epoxy filler. Then it's just sanding and painting. If the wheel was damaged to the point that it needs to be welded to repair, then the alloy could make a difference.
Don't know where you're located, but here in the USA I've used the Wheel Collision Center in PA. It ran me around $140, but that was probably 10 years ago. You just ship them the wheel. They've been around for a long time and I'm sure they can tell you if the wheel can be refinished. Check their website.
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