2002 airbag light/wire fault

Has anybody found a solution to the airbag light coming on? It's
caused by some wire under a seat (passenger, I think) that gets pulled
loose or something when something is under the seat.
My dealer is happy (now that the warranty is done) to fix it over and
over for several hundred dollars a time. They tell me the answer is to
not let anything get on the floor of the car that could go under the
seat. I have two 7-year-olds so that is obviously not an option.
Question: Has anybody found a real solution to this? It seems that the
wire could be re-routed, or extended and re-routed, or protected or
something. Is it really past the skills of BMW's engineers to find a
It there is no fix, the next question (for those of us in the US) is:
is anybody getting together a class-action law suit to force BMW to
fix this? Or a petition drive to the NHTSA?
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Marchant, Jon A.

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