PIC: Ontario Provincial Police pull over MINI Charity Convoy

AB posted a story about the Canadian Ontario Provincial Police pulling
over a Convoy from the Southern Ontario Mini Club
Every year, the Southern Ontario Mini Club organizes two charity
drives ? one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Over time, the event
has grown from a handful of participating cars to over 30, and as
such, this year the organizers let local law enforcement know where
the caravan would be and when it would be there as a courtesy. So
far, so good, right? Not exactly.
During the first part of the drive, the convoy ran into a few members
of the Ontario Provincial Police without incident. One officer even
went so far as to tell the organizers that there was only one other
patrol for the rest of the route. Turns out that wasn't quite true.
Instead of providing an escort for the convoy or thanking the
organizers for a heads up, the OPP set up a speed trap along the
route where the limit changes from 100 km/h to 90 km/h. When the
parade of Minis came past, officers pulled over the whole lot, and
cited three cars for going 121-123 kmh in a 90 kmh zone, or about 76
in a 55. One driver was also cited for having a radar detector and
had his equipment confiscated.
Yes, setting up a speed trap on a charity drive is a prick move, but
it gets worse. The OPP evidently called the local television station
beforehand so they could film the whole sting. Once the station had
the film, they broadcast a story claiming that 11 of the Mini drivers
had been arrested for doing 50 kmh over the speed limit and that they
had their vehicles confiscated as a result. Even worse, the story
claimed that some of the Mini drivers had their children with them
and that the OPP had called the Canadian equivalent of child services
on the parents.
Members of the Mini club complained to the station, and the video was
taken down as a result, though no apology or retraction has been
issued so far.
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