Lug nut question for 2002 Cooper S

Hey there! Does anyone know what size socket is needed for the
lug nuts on a 2002 Cooper S with the standard 16 inch tires? Also,
where are the lift points on the car for changing a tire?
I'm asking because I just bought some new Blizzaks for my
son-in-law's 2002 Cooper S, and he's going to bring it down to my
house so that we can put them on his Mini. I want to make sure I have
the correct size socket for his lug nuts, and I want to make sure that
I know exactly where to place my jack when I lift the car.
Does the car require a jack that has a slot in it like most
American cars have? You know, the slot that is in the cheap scissors
jack that comes with American cars, where you have to align it with
the lip that sticks out on the bottom of the car. I have a hydraulic
jack that has that slot in it, so I'm just curious if I need to use
that type of jack.
I appreciate any help that you all can offer.
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As far as jacking goes....just look under the side skirts jusy behind the front wheel and just infront of the rear wheel. You'll see jack points in the form of rectangular pucks. You can just jack up the front of the car and that will lift the rear on the same side.
I do0n't remember the socket size but it's not a special size. If you have a typical socket set you'll have it - assuming the wrench in the tool bag (in the truck) isn't there.
Hope this helps..
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