Traction Control question

I was just wondering what the ASC uses to control the car. Does it cut back
on the throttle, or does it apply the brakes?
With winter driving here in Canada, the ASC kicks in a lot. If it's using
the brakes then I think I'd want to turn it off on those extra slippery
Thanks for any info.
'05 Cooper S, if it makes any difference.
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El Gordo
You mean DSC? If slip = reduces throttle.
It's snowy here in MN, and I turn it off all the time now. Otherwise getting to my destination would take forever.
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I believe it works with both brakes and throttle. Mine ('06 Cooper) works pretty well -- subtle but effective -- on any loss of traction while the car is in motion, but not so well in a standing start on packed snow or ice. In situations where I am perfectly able to make a smooth start on my own, this thing applies the brakes. These unexpected jerks are startling and annoying. I have the optional system that addresses cornering skids in addition to straight-line traction loss, and I think it's worthwhile overall. I wish I could turn off just the part that gives unwanted assistance when I accelerate from a stop.
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John Craig
My '03 has DSC and except in deep snow I leave DSC on. There is one hill that I absolutely could not make it up except for DSC keeping the car reasonably straight despite my best efforts to divert the car into the ditch. If DSC is off the tires spin no matter how little throttle I give and how few steering inputs I provide.
It works on both brakes and throttle. But since it is ABS I do not understand from the original post why the problem with it using the brakes? Unless you are on sheer ice or deep snow I find ABS to work better than I have ever been able to cope with it (and I have been driving/racing for years now).
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I meant ASC, as in the lever to disable/re-enable it says "ASC". I don't have the super-sporty 17" wheel model with DSC, I just have ASC.
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El Gordo

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