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Daytime Running Lights and indicators
Anybody got any experience of these: (link goes to Ebay) They're apparently a straight swap for the indicator bulbs. In DRL mode they show white, then in indicator mode the white goes out and they...
3 years ago 6
Immo off
Hi,can I get an immo off for Iveco daily eeprom 95640
4 years ago
brakes: which brand are best?
Hello, I need to change the rear brake pads on my 60 plate 2 litre diesel Mondeo. I see there are a number of different makes available, so I started googling to find out which, if any, is best but...
4 years ago 3
Battery relocation PMSL
4 years ago
Bad Cat.
Jaguar's response to Merc chicken advert.
7 years ago
vw golf mk2 1.8 16v gti turbo technics which oil ????
Which oil should I use I'm my mk2 golf 1.8 16v turbo Technics ?????? "ttburne" wrote in message news:2201c$52028f54$42bb6765$ What does VW call for the stock 1.8 16v engine? I imagine it's a 10w-40...
7 years ago 1
BMW 520d Touring: review
BMW want $82,300 for their entry-level 5 Series sedan, the 520d with its very good four cylinder turbo diesel. Says it all for the obscenely inflated prices Australians pay for prestige cars that this...
7 years ago
Renault Clio 3 : Any known issues/problems that could creep up?
Hi all,Just in the process of finding a nice 1.4 hatchback that will hold value well - Any opinions on the new shape Renault Clio? More specifically around an 08 plate with under 35k also - Any owners...
7 years ago 3
Tinted Headlights
New headlight tint material. Launched in the UK just yesterday. MOT approved and stops only a fraction of the light so its safe! Goes really well with the window tints. 'Headlight tinting' () to find...
8 years ago
location of tracker
Where is the best location to put a gps tracker so it wont be discovered and are their any particular types you'd recommend. Before spending lots of money and effort fitting a tracker, consider if...
8 years ago 10
Skoda repair
Hi all, The wife bumped her Skoda Octavia recently, and we had to get it repaired by the insurance company (it caused quite a lot of damage the plastic elements etc). The accident involved her hitting...
9 years ago 8
Audi A1 mini review
Fun, nippy, a feel-good car. Not that fuel efficient and way too expensive, considering how good the Polo on which it's based is. On Sep 16, 12:26=A0am, fishman wrote: The biggest problem I have with...
9 years ago 4
Honda Insight VTi mini review
Dreadfuk rattly, plasticy interior. Slow and not that economical, engine sounds like a 1980s Fiesta with a blowing exhaust. Handling utter shite but steering responsive and with surprisingly good...
9 years ago 5
BMW 520d Touring mini-review
Good at everything, so competent it's almost boring. Relaxing to drive, love the head-up display. Magnificent 2.0 engine, though very diesel-sounding, has all the power you need while remaining almost...
9 years ago 1
Holden Barina
Can any one tell me what is the Holden Barina is called in the U.K, i think the vauxhall ??? Peter Australia worst car in the world but if you must know it's a chevrolet aveo. older ones were...
9 years ago 5