11 Great Muscle cars

Does the new Challenger fit your definition?
For some reason, I think I recall you being a bit of a stickler about the definition.
Ready to do round 2? ;-)
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Anything new doesn't fit my definition and the new Challenger is still a pony car, at best, anyhow. To me muscle cars came from a lineage of 2 and 4 door mid-size cars. I still have my issues with the 60's/70's Chargers as they didn't make a 4 door version.
So no, the new Challenger couldn't fit my definition, even if I didn't stop the clock early in the 70's.
Mustang, Challenger, Cuda, AMX, Camaro/Firebird, etc... (think Trans Am racers) were all pony cars to me. Not that they didn't/couldn't have muscle, but I didn't see them as muscle cars.
It can't just be about power. Hell, my Rav4 beats a lot of the classic muscle cars in the 1/4 mile (think original GTO's, 442's, Gran Sports, etc... from the mid 60's).
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