Trying to help my dad oout. He's got a 95 GT drop top and the leather seats
went to crap. He's been told that seats from any stang 95-04 will drop right
in. I have yet to find any and am curious if there might be a substitute?
Like a Tbird or Lincoln?
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Steve R.
I have a '94 GT Conv and after much research, the problem is that from '94-'98 at least, the leather covers were glued on. They sell leather covers, but the foam will pull off in pieces with the covers and they do not sell foam after the '93 year. I have the same problem, so I ordered a set of the Elite white vinyl seats from
formatting link
and they should be here next week. You do have to buy an adapter for each seat also. From the photos in the catalog they look very similar to my originals. There are some used seats on EBAY, but I never saw any in white. Any '94-'04 seats should work fine.
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The seat covering is readily available. Don't know about the foam. I though I saw it listed in one of my catalogs. However, any good upholstery shop can fabricate the foam from scratch. It's done all the time. The crew on Overhaulin' has done it numerous times.
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D E Willson

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