2011 5.0 Convertible questions

I am close to buying a 2011 5.0 convertible (manual), and have a few
questions for the group:
1. What is the benefit of cloth or vinyl for the convertible top? I
assume cloth is better, but am unsure. I live in Florida, so the car
will never be in snow, but will get beat down by the sun.
2. Are there any after-market mods considered very important that I
should consider? Way back in the past people used to talk about
subframe connectors and such, so I was curious.
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Joe Granto
There were no mustang ii convertibles from Ford so I am assuming that is a typo for 1973...
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Opt for the Ford Brembo brake upgrade.
You don't need sub-frame connectors with this design. As for aftermarket mods you may want to look at a chip and a cat-back exhaust (Bassani, IMO, being the best).
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