Drive Ford's new Mustang in Need For Speed Rivals

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Ford and EA are teaming up to provide a free in-game download of the
all-new Mustang, available starting today
Players of new "Need for Speed Rivals" video game can choose
from five fan-customized designs for their game car ? four of which
are highest-voted designs created on popular Mustang Customizer site
Today, gamers are being given the first chance to get behind the wheel
of the all-new Ford Mustang. EA and Ford are teaming up to let players
of the recently released "Need for Speed? Rivals" video game
virtually drive the hotly anticipated, next-generation Mustang before
it hits the streets next year.
Just days after the all-new Ford Mustang ? loaded with innovative
technologies and delivering world-class levels of performance ? was
revealed around the world, it will automatically appear in the garage
of cars available to drive for everyone playing the arcade-style
racing game.
"During the past five decades, Mustang has become so much more
than just a car," said Andrea Zuehlk, Ford digital marketing
manager. "The feeling of freedom and independence Mustang
inspires has made it popular around the world. Making it available in
Need for Speed Rivals helps us share the joy that comes from driving a
Mustang to even more people."
With more than 9 million cars sold in its 50 years of continuous
production, Mustang has made a significant impact in pop culture,
including gaming; it's been featured as a playable car in the Need for
Speed video game franchise since 2005. Mustang has also made thousands
of appearances in film, television and music, and is the world's
most-liked vehicle on Facebook, with more than 5.6 million fans.
"We worked closely with the development team at EA to provide
them with engineering data for the new Mustang, several months before
we showed it to the rest of the world," said Mark Bentley, Ford
product licensing manager. "Computer design models enabled the
game developers to create an accurate representation of the new
Mustang before it goes on sale."
Click here to learn more about how Ford collaborates with EA to put
Mustang in video games.
The exclusive, customized Mustang "hero car" from the
upcoming Need for Speed movie is also available to drive and has been
playable in the game since it launched in November. Along with the new
car, Need for Speed players can also choose to get behind the wheel of
the Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang, which is available as a police chase
Click here for a video trailer of the new Mustang in Need for Speed
"In the game, players can choose from five custom designs to give
their new Mustang a unique look," said Zuehlk. "Four are
selected from the designs that received the most votes in Ford's
award-winning Mustang Customizer online, mobile and tablet
application, plus a special bonus design created by RTR founder and
Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr."
Available now, Need for Speed Rivals has reached worldwide critical
acclaim, earning the Gold Award with a 9/10 from Game Informer
Magazine, which calls the game "an exceptional experience."
Need for Speed Rivals has also received an 8.5/10 from AusGamers and a
9/10 from, praising it as "a racer that any of its
competitors would do well to match in the new generation."
Need for Speed Rivals glorifies the street's ultimate rivalry, daring
gamers to cross the line as either a cop or racer to gain the upper
hand by any means necessary. Playing either side of the law comes with
its own distinct career experience, each with its own set of
high-stakes challenges, rewards, pursuit technology and cars. But now,
the stakes are at their highest level with an all-new scoring system
where gamers put their speed points on the line and risk losing it all
if busted.

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