Fusion info?

Sadly, I introduced my dearly-beloved 12-year old Mustang GT to my
formerly-liked 16-year old boy. A total loss (the GT, not the boy).
So I'm now driving a 2011 Ford Fusion Sport AWD instead of a
Mustang, and I'm looking for some data on the Fusion:
1.I have a VIN decoder, but I'd like a decoder for the door
sticker (Safety Compliance Certification Label, in NHTSA-
speak). Any help? I particularly want to confirm that the
axle code of 33 means 3.16; I've seen a Ford marketing
datasheet that claimed 3.06, so I'm curious.
2.I'd like the tranny ratios for the 6-speed gearbox. The
door sticker says the tranny is an Aisin AW F21, but I have
not found the ratios. A preliminary datasheet from Ford's
marketing gang listed some ratios, but I know it is wrong,
since it claimed that 4th and 5th were both 1:1.
FWIW, the fit'n'finish on this Fusion is very good; and, I
have not found any defects yet. Maybe Quality is Job One
for Ford of Mexico, eh?
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