FYI: ground on 93 5.0

Hi Just an FYI on fox body
I had to run an extra ground wire from computer to fuel pump to chassie
ground near battery. Because the chassie ground near battory is not that
good, it has a brass self taping screw which does corode over long time.
this causes very wierd stuff, car dosent want to start, misfiring, fuel pump
sounds wierd, high voltage system messes up. This is the third time it has
happened. There is a ground connect pin (single pin) near the battery/
starter solinoid area that I had to cut out and solder the two wires
together as the pin ghot some battery acid on it and did not have low
The brass screw likes to corrode, and through the body the ground is not
really good.
Anyhow it runs like a champ, has 8# keene-bell supercharger on it, very fast
in town, too fast really.
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