Headers for a 84 Capri RS 5.0

The engine has a what can only be described as a "dual snout"
air cleaner, with air intake tubes connected to some place in
the inner fender liners. It also has tubes connected to the exhaust
manifolds to warm the intake air, and sensors on each "snout".
The question is:
If I install headers, and I only drive the car in the summer,
can I get rid of the superfluous stuff and let the engine breathe
cold air, or will the car tell me I did a bad thing. :-)
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You probably won't have a problem with driveability. Does you state have an annual safety inspection, and if they do, does it include a visual?
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In Minnesota we used to have an annual emission test where I would have to lean out the carb to pass. Otherwise the only other restriction is that catalytic converters can't be removed, but nobody checks. I might be good to go! :-) Dick
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