I have a 84 Capri RS 5.0 and ...

It also has the old 4 bolt TRX wheels and Michelin tires that are
wearing thin.
I was agonizing over the thought of replacing the wheels and tires because
the Michelins, if available, are way to expensive, and no one will take the
responsibility to mount them.
My son in law has loved that car ever since he took it for a little ride, my
daughter used it to pick up her date for junior prom back around 86, and she
loves it too.
Anyway, my son in law has discovered other tire manufacturers that make
that fit the TRX wheels. Yipee!
When I pull the car out of storage next year, I'll get some of those
tires and "smoke"
'em with my massive 190HP 5.0.
Happy days are here again.
Dick in MN
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That's a neat car you have there, Dick. I too would be happy to find tires that mount to the old original wheels. Sure you could swap wheels from a later Fox car, but then it would lose that original factory look.
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They're metric and sizes don't correspond with typical wheels and tires produced in the US.
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