I have this 1984 Capri RS 5.0 and ...

Yes, it's had a very sheltered life and has been stored in the garage
for most winters.
I purchased it new in 1984 and it's in very nice original condition with
only 68,000
miles. It needs a couple of things like: replacing the Michelin metric
wheels and/or tires,
and fixing the leaking carb. Anyway ...
We celebrated my daughter's birthday yesterday and my son in law asked
if he could
borrow the Capri for a day. I asked "why", he said "I just need it for a
He's a good guy, because I trust him with my daughter and I'm sure he
has no ulterior
Way back in 1986, my daughter used the Capri to pick up her junior prom
date, and
he was impressed by a little gal who could drive a 5-speed manual.
Two years ago my daughter and son in law took the Capri for a little
ride and when they
"Wow, that was fun!".
I'll charge the battery, add air in the tires, and give the car keys to
my son in law for a day.
I anticipate good things.
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