Help please Ford 400ci V8 (possible OT)

Hello people, I'm new here, greetings from Croatia (please excuse me if my
english is not so good), friend who is not so good with computers and
internet and english, asked me to help him with his new aquired FORD
We are all new in to this, so if you are willing to help us with some info
about it, this is what paper says...
1978 - Body PK
VIN = F25HECG3043
(decoder says that is F250, 2WD, V8 351 cid, 2BBL, 161-165HP, Mahwah (NJ))
Engine it self has factory sticker on valve cover:
(I write it down on the paper tonight, I'll take a picture if needed)
Engine Family = 5.8M / 6.6 "D" (2x124)
Engine Displacement = 6.6L (400cid)
Evaporative Family is TN - Catalisator???
Originally it had "Automotive"?? 2BBL carb, and now it's 4bbl Holley on
Transmission is AUTOmatic with console shift.
Few questions:
Can you tell me, where to find S/N on the engine to check numbers match?
What kind of spark plugs do we need (heat range), he bought some that parts
shop said it would fit but they aren't the same as the old one which we have
2 different types installed in the car...
Any other usefull info we can use to make this car running is welcome.
Didn't know where to ask so I posted here, sorry if OT
Thank you in advance
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Mike Torello D.E.A.
Just a quick read of what you typed in sounds as if you have a 400M. The M(or Modified) if I recall corectly is something between a clevland and windsor. It was a creature of the mid to late 1970s.
To check on parts, the best catalog is probably rockauto's ( Lots of cross referencing linkage, part numbers, etc. For spark plugs it shows: MOTORCRAFT Part # SP450 {#ASF42CF4} Gap: .044 Those are probably the modern version of the ford stock plugs. You can work backwards from there to get the right kind in your local brand if they are not one of the many carried in the rockauto catalog.
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